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Making Sense of the Wireless WAN Hype

loose sapphires  are playing fast and loose with terminology that should mean something. Wireless is compelling, but how do you decide what s right for you—and who do you trust? Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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eBay Looking For Sun Block?
The now-infamous 1999 shutdowns of the eBay website has led them to consider alternatives to their current Sun infrastructure.

loose sapphires  shot at prying Sun loose. The Network Solutions A.root server contract loss adds fuel to the Sun is vulnerable fire. If Sun gets displaced at eBay, the perceived impact will be far greater than the actual revenue lost - we can envision rivals referring to Sun as the not in dot-com . This only increases the pressure on Sun and its rivals. In Sun's defense: the Solaris OS is generally considered highly reliable, scalable, and powerful, and its users are generally very loyal to it. There are lots of Read More
Infor Partners with CAD Service to Enhance EAM Proposition
Infor has announced a worldwide partnership with CAD Service, a provider of computer-aided design (CAD)–led asset management software. CAD Service’s enterprise

loose sapphires  when a system has loose integration to a CAD tool. No longer will people have to search some shared drive for lost drawings, make sure the correct version of Autodesk is installed, or have to jump to the CAD tool to view details of the asset being managed. Kevin Price, product director, Infor EAM goes onto say, With this partnership, Infor EAM OpenCAD makes the tracking of asset usage, visualization of work areas and sourcing of information faster and easier. This more accessible, detailed visibility Read More
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 8)
Welcome to Week 8 of TurtleSpice ERP! We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with a twist: It’s up to you to make sure

loose sapphires  which should be cut loose? Make your selection below! I’ll be taking the top 5 for next week’s episode of TurtleSpice ERP. Don’t forget, this vendor list was derived from TEC’s eBestMatch tool, and corresponds to requirements as defined in TurtleSpice ERP, Week 1 . Based on your current understanding of TurtleSpice’s requirements and your knowledge of the software products, which vendors would you choose? (If you have no personal experience of these systems, feel free to explore eBestMatch Read More
Dassault Systèmes Rounds Out Process PLM Capabilities via Accelrys
Dassault Systèmes announced its intent to acquire Accelrys, Inc., a San Diego-based public provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software for

loose sapphires  that sunsets products can loose credibility with its sales teams, and the market in general.Should Dassault Systèmes be able to pull off this complete process PLM undertaking without many casualties, it will certainly give competitors— Siemens PLM, Infor Optiva, Oracle ’s Agile PLM for Process, SAP PLM , and others— a run for their money. Read More
SAP Keeps Traction On Some Tires Of Its Omni-Wheel-Drive Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
SAP’s viability and its business applications market’s leadership remains unscathed, as the company remains rock-solid and will be the leader for a long time to

loose sapphires  application deployment opportunities, a loose-canon operation of subsidiaries might have indeed served the purpose. Another reason for SAP to assimilate the recently combined SAP Portals/SAP Markets entity back into its own was to mitigate the hefty burden of re-branding, updating, and integrating an array of products, including BI, the former TopTier product, SRM, and the MarketSet platform as well as to merge the various organizations that support the products. To that end, the companies with large Read More
Are You Ready for the Project Economy?
The multitude of messages and media in this interactive age contributes to a fragmented consumer goods market. Shorter product life cycles, mass product

loose sapphires  or your browser. The loose coupling of services and service consumers in SOA facilitates change, allows disparate applications to talk to each other and allows customer and supplier portals to be opened up to virtually any portion of an application. But SOA obviously needs to be supported by a fine grain set of application functionality. Without this granularity of functionality, an application will offer only a small number of software services, and its ability to adapt to change – and reveal new Read More
Enabling Product Innovation: The Roles of ERP and PLM in the Product Lifecycle
Companies are turning toward product innovation to achieve revenue growth, but to generate return on an innovation idea, the idea must be fully developed. When

loose sapphires  the design progresses from loose concepts to a tightly defined manufacturing specification. Figure 4 details the stage at which companies begin developing design documentation, which clearly shows that companies begin documentation very early in the process. Over three-quarters of companies start design documentation by the time a conceptual product structure is developed. By the time a product is approved and ready for manufacturing, the product structure will be reorganized to reflect production and Read More
How to Lead Your Organization on the Best Path to Performance Improvement (Webcast Transcript)
Companies require an agile enterprise performance management (EPM) strategy to ensure they have information to support effective decisions. The more information

loose sapphires  want to turn it loose if you would. And probably in the poll question that we explored earlier where people said they're managing this information centrally and distributing it, this is probably a big driver in terms of if they're doing their own thing. And people will do their own thing. They'll manipulate information. They'll manipulate the budget. They'll calculate a KPI differently than potentially another business unit. It goes on all the time. I mean, I remember this from years and years ago even. Read More
How Midsize Businesses Can Reduce Costs, Secure Data, and Ensure Compliance with an Identity Management Program
A strong identity management platform plays dual roles: gatekeeper and guardian of business intelligence (BI) and data. Midsize businesses can’t operate

loose sapphires  management system is too loose, then midsize businesses leave themselves exposed to risk. BUSINESS BENEFITS OF ORACLE IDENTITY MANAGEMENT Identity management involves a number of departments including HR, security, IT, audit, lines of business, legal and others. Historically, identity management solutions have been too expensive and complex for midsize businesses. However, Oracle’s Identity Management now offers midsize businesses the same enterprise-class functionality that only larger firms could Read More
Has KANA Gotten Its Mojo Back? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series presented the opportunity of service economy and associated complexity of providing consistently an experience of customer service

loose sapphires  why do you win over/loose to these competitors? VN : Our primary competitors include the following vendors: Pegasystems ,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Customer Care Framework (CCF) , Oracle (both Siebel CRM and Fusion CRM ), and SwordCiboodle . We also see some specialist players in niche segments, such as RightNow, eGain Communications, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Jacada WorkSpace, InQuira, Amdocs, Consona CRM , etc. We win because of our strong focus and successful track record in customer Read More
Social PLM and CRM - Dassault Systèmes and Netvibes (Under the Exalead Brand)
The voice of the customer (VOC) concept has been around for decades, but the Internet and social media technologies have finally enabled it to its fullest

loose sapphires  competitors currently rely on loose partnerships and/or Microsoft SharePoint ’s social capabilities in this regard. Dear readers, what are your comments and opinions with regards to this acquisition and to the product development trends? Have 3D virtual store applications, 3D visual logistics applications, and real-time-connected business dashboard apps already changed the way your companies operate? I would certainly be interested in your experiences with PLM and social product design software in Read More

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