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New Mobile Apps and Platform Support for Windows 8 from SAP
The co-located SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd event in Madrid was the place for SAP to annnounce its plans to deliver six new mobile applications for the recent

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Documents related to » linde star sapphire

Comparing Software Comparison Sites
A few online tools make it easy to compare criteria about software, side-by-side. Of course, you probably expect that I think TEC provides the mother of all

linde star sapphire  Comparison Sites A few online tools make it easy to compare criteria about software, side-by-side. Of course, you probably expect that I think TEC provides the mother of all evaluation tools for comparisons (true). But this is about some of the other guys. Two sites I like, which I recently came across might be useful to you if you’re scanning the horizon for high-level comparison info. The first is Opteros’s EOS Directory and the second is ITerating . Both approach the issue in different, Read More
The Birds, the B's and the Web
The Internet wing of media giant NBC purchased small business portal AllBusiness.com

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Mega-Vendors Warming Up to the Cloud - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the three evolutionary phases (or waves) of software as a service (SaaS) and the adoption of cloud computing. The post ended

linde star sapphire  pretty much along similar lines (perhaps a bit later to market than Oracle). But when it comes to offering new SaaS products to existing large on-premise customers, traditional enterprise applications powerhouses have the following options: Offer complementary adjunct products to fill certain functional gaps. Offer complementary services. Expand the opportunity to a wider users audience (e.g., casual users, trading partners, etc.). Some good examples along these lines would be the Epicor Tax Connect Read More
Are Data Warehouses as Dead as the Dodo? (Part 2: 1010data and Illuminate)
Although information analysis continues to be vital for insights into a company’s health and future, the traditional data warehouse structure may already be

linde star sapphire  such as column-oriented and online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes or star schemas. This single layer of information is related in such a way as to enable fast exploration and query association by the use of specific data indexes to improve information recovery and analysis of large volumes of data. Some of the functional features of iSTORE are as follows: •    It can enable users to perform a true ad-hoc analysis. The universal indexing allows analysis across n dimensions of existing data sets. Read More
Case Study: New Star
New Star Asset Management was looking to maximize its existing sales channels and drive more information gathering via the Web. In order to achieve its

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SAP and VMWare Expand Collaboration to Bring Support for vSphere in HANA
SAP and VMWare will now offer another deployment architecture for SAP HANA. During the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Madrid, SAP announced the upcoming

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The User's Undying Quest for Exploring and Discovering Info - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the differences and some subtle similarities between the well-established enterprise applications giant, SAP, and up-and

linde star sapphire  enterprise applications that were outlined at the Endeca Discover 2009  conference . Part 2 of this blog series explores how SAP is adapting to the new fundamentals outlined in Part 1 , especially to the notion of “BT” or “business technology,” which denotes a pervasive technology in use by casual and  end-users , increasingly managed outside the direct control of IT departments. SAP and the New Fundamentals Contrary to Endeca Discover 2009, I did not attend the  SAPPHIRE 2009  conference in Read More
IP Telephony 201: The Nuts and Bolts of VoIP
In IP Telephony 101, I looked at the pros and cons of IP telephony, and a few of the considerations you should explore before making the switch to VoIP.We

linde star sapphire  (uploaded and downloaded). Common line types: T1 (capable of transmitting 1.5 million bits per second), T3 (45 million bits per second), and DSL (between 128 Kbps to 6 Mbps for sending data [“downstream”], and between 128 Kbps to 512 Kbps for receiving data [“upstream”]). Your choice of equipment will affect the speed at which you can transmit voice data, as well as the number of users your VoIP system can support. Network Structure Your network structure (AKA topology or layout ) determines the Read More
Star Soft Application
The Avançado enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help companies organize information from all departments in a rational and practical way, and

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Tired Of Losing Your Oil Derricks?
Asset management maven iVita announced both its newest software release, Commander 3.0, and a partnership with wireless specialist PinPoint. PinPoint’s

linde star sapphire  Mines Assets for Bottom Line Health ). PinPoint is currently strong in health-care, one of iVita's key verticals, where manufacturers use its wireless tags to track manufacturing process flow and other customers use it to track the location of assets in warehouses and storage areas. Version 3.0 was released fairly soon after version 2.0, because the company has adopted what they call a flexible approach to architecture for the purpose of being responsive to customer suggestions. The Commander 3.0 Read More
6 Specialists, 6 Industry Domains: Trends for 2008 and 2009
In a survey on upcoming trends in employee management, the Learning Review asked six experts in six major industry domains one simple question: what do you

linde star sapphire  organization on employees and line managers. We hear the words … “We want to be the employer of choice.” HR needs to connect the inside and the outside, and use the words, “We want to be the employer of choice of employees our customers would choose.” Too often, HR professionals see their “customers” only as employees inside the firm, not taking into account customers, investors, and communities in which the firm operates. Third, HR must learn to manage both transactions (the Read More
SAP to Acquire Inventory Optimization Vendor SmartOps
SAP announced on Friday evening its intention to (finally) acquire SmartOps, a move much anticipated for some time. The most enduring mystery about this is not

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SAP HANA-One Technology to Watch in 2012 (and Beyond)
Did you know that SAP HANA is much more than a high-speed analytic appliance? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reveals how HANA is a universal database

linde star sapphire  database? The difference between online analytical processing (OLAP) and online transactional processing (OLTP) is not only in their use, but also in the way the data is organized. OLAP is suitable for non-volatile data types, i.e., reporting and historical analysis of data that is stored in data warehouses (and periodically refreshed), whereas OLTP is for highly volatile (ever-changing) transactional systems. Although both OLAP and OLTP can be used universally, in theory at least, there are apparent Read More
A Clear-cut Approach to Collections Is Essential for Profitability
In 2002, US suppliers wrote off more than $18 billion (USD) in bad checks. And the bankruptcy picture has certainly not improved since then. Companies that act

linde star sapphire  fail to establish credit guidelines and address the important area of collections. They just send out invoices and expect customers to pay them on time. Research shows that the older a debt is, the less likely it is to be paid. Experience shows that a red flag should be raised for accounts uncollected for more than 60 days, and after 90 days very serious measures should be taken. The lesson here is simple. The race goes to the swift. Companies that act quickly to secure over due accounts are the Read More

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