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How Supply Chain Projects Morph Into Black Holes
For all but a few astronomers, black holes are unknown in the realm of ordinary experience. Analogs do exist, however, in the more terrestrial domain of

black star sapphires  Chain Projects Morph Into Black Holes How Supply Chain Projects Morph Into Black Holes S. McVey - October 19, 2002 Introduction A black hole is an object whose gravitational pull is so strong that nothing - not even light - can escape from it. Although predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the existence of black holes in our galaxy and elsewhere has only recently been confirmed. A black hole forms when a massive star dies and collapses under its own mass. For all but a few astronomers, Read More
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business process outsourcing (BPO) services manage critical front- and back-office processes that can include human resources and accounting as well as customer-related services such as contact cen...
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Documents related to » black star sapphires

IFS: Of Vertical Focus, and Customers’ Agility and Choice

black star sapphires  the direction of becoming black boxes that manage and maintain themselves. A second factor is the gradual and also long-term evolution towards cloud and SaaS. It could very well turn out that choice of database becomes a no-issue due to cloud usage before it becomes an issue for the other aforementioned factors. A Peek into the Future PJ : Is there anything that you are at liberty to volunteer on the company's future moves, i.e., new functional scope, verticals, etc.? You did mention something about Read More
Frankie Does ERP, Part 3
[Editor’s note: Frank is a real person, employed at a real company. However, I’ve changed certain identifying particulars for a variety of reasons. This

black star sapphires  expertise. He has a black belt in six-sigma ass-covery, which means that as political circumstances warrant, he will not only cover his ass, but also insulate it, brick it in, bury it in lead casing, and surround it with a tasteful picket fence and a barbecue for guests. He’s especially busy now, with some weird C-level shake-ups over the last couple of weeks. Not only is our CEO conspicuously absent from the premises lately, but we’ve also got a new CFO, Greta Samson, parachuted in from a start-up Read More
The Necessity of Data Warehousing
An explanation of the origins of data warehousing and why it is a crucial technology that allows businesses to gain competitive advantage. Issues regarding

black star sapphires  their mainframes as the black hole , because all the information went into it, but none ever came back out - all requests for reports had to be programmed by the Information Systems staff. Only pre-canned reports could be generated on a scheduled basis, ad-hoc real-time querying was virtually impossible. To resolve these issues, data warehousing was created. The theory was to create a database infrastructure that was always on-line, contained all the information from the OLTP systems, including Read More
Business Intelligence Status Report
Spurred by government mandates for more business transparency, business intelligence has emerged to extract information from ERP systems. How has BI emerged

black star sapphires  their mainframes as the black hole , because all the information went into it, but none ever came back out. Namely, all requests for reports had to be programmed by the IT staff, whereas only pre-canned reports could be generated on a scheduled basis, and ad-hoc real-time querying was virtually impossible. While the client/server-based ERP systems of the 1990s have been somewhat more report-friendly, it has still been a far cry from a desired usability by regular, non-technical, end users for, things Read More
Adonix + CIMPRO = A Feature-Rich Process ERP Product, But With Challenges
Adonix is fulfilling its promise to bring a full Process ERP offering to the mid-market. The new Adonix X3 Process automates and integrates the complex formula

black star sapphires  suffering from the technology black cloud even though the new product has been rewritten in the Adonix toolset? The ever-important technological migration path for CIMPRO users will have to be announced too, and it will have to be much beyond typical data conversion tools, and a consequent virtual reimplementation if they upgrade to the new product. A mitigating factor in this regard should be Adonix' product openness, and its previous expertise in assimilating products with disparate technologies. Also, Read More
IP Telephony 201: The Nuts and Bolts of VoIP
In IP Telephony 101, I looked at the pros and cons of IP telephony, and a few of the considerations you should explore before making the switch to VoIP.We

black star sapphires   Read More
3M Wraps Up HighJump, While Retalix Shops OMI International Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
Existing smaller customers of both acquired vendors should closely monitor any changes to determine whether they will continue to receive acceptable support and

black star sapphires  OMI customers should clarify black on white the architectural blueprint with Retalix' management, despite the company's assurances that it will continue to support OMI products on J2EE. Enterprises with outdated warehouse management systems (WMS) looking to automate supply chain execution functions should evaluate HighJump . Agile enterprises anticipating frequent business practices changes and from fifty up to few billion dollars in annual revenues (both corporate-wide and per division) looking for Read More
SAP Remains Solid While Transitioning
On July 20, SAP AG, the leading provider of enterprise business software applications, announced its results for the quarter ended June 30, 2000. Despite an 18%

black star sapphires  erp management,erp business,erp finance,crm erp scm,enterprise resource planning systems,enterprise resource planning erp,enterprise resource planning,enterprise resource planning system,home business,erp software vendors,sap fi jobs,sap training jobs,sap contract jobs,erp products,erp software applications Read More
Intel Faces 820 Chipset Problems (Again)
In the latest round of setbacks to beset Intel’s performance-oriented 820 chipset, the manufacturer announces a recall of nearly a million motherboards shipped

black star sapphires  more. This is another black eye for Intel, and a market opportunity for rival chipmaker Advanced Micros Devices [NYSE:AMD]. SDRAM on 820 was a margin saver , and Intel won't have a working SDRAM compatible 820 chipset until Q3 2000. AMD is unaffected by the problem. The major PC vendors have different exposures on this issue. Dell According to Dell [NASDAQ:DELL] Vice Chairman Kevin Rollins, Dell engineers discovered the problem early, and committed instead to Rambus technology. Dell users are Read More
Thanks to a Smart Little Company called Lexias, CIOs Can Now Empower their Users to Assist in eBusiness Security
Despite advances in security technologies, securing confidential and proprietary information has become more challenging than ever. In an attempt to keep pace

black star sapphires  enough. Security is not black and white. A firewall, if configured properly, will keep out 95% of the trouble-makers. However, time and again we have been shown that it only takes a few bad apples to create a lot of work for everyone else. That wee 5% is a powerful force that only needs small trinkets of security holes to invade the corporate immune system. Anyone who has worked as part of an incident response team knows that once security has been violated, repairing the damage is duly time-consuming Read More
6 Days After Advisory Posted, AboveNet Gets Hit
Once a security advisory gets posted, vendors need to work quickly to rectify the problem. Security engineers are not the only ones reading the advisories

black star sapphires  ICE, Intruders don't use black magic to break into systems. I've never seen an intrusion technique that wasn't already published on sites like SecurityFocus.com. The paranoid should make it a point to read these announcements before the intruders do. Read More
Tired Of Losing Your Oil Derricks?
Asset management maven iVita announced both its newest software release, Commander 3.0, and a partnership with wireless specialist PinPoint. PinPoint’s

black star sapphires  erp software vendors,saas vendors,software licensing management,knowledge base software,software asset management software,it inventory management,software license management,software assets management,audit software,asset software,talent management software,asset management tools,saas vendor,manage it assets,license management Read More

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